These classes are here to help make fitness accessible to everybody as you can work out from home or take your device to the gym.  ALL levels of experience will benefit from these workouts. They are interactive which means you feel like you are working out in a group and I can still help you with your form; although there is no pressure to have your camera on if you don’t feel comfortable.

An inclusive, fun and motivating 45-minute morning workout with myself 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30am. All you need is some hand weights (dumbbells, bottles or cans in a rucksack) and a mat.

Monday: conditioning class – Weights back-to-back with cardio for 45 seconds for two rounds into core for 1 minute, aiming for 7 rounds of different exercises.

Wednesday: Original format – weights, cardio and core, split into three sections of different timings. Great for strengthening the body and challenging your fitness and mentality.

Friday: Bodyweight Tabata – 6 exercises, 5 sets of timings, all bodyweight (with the occasional weighted exercise). Based on maximising heart rate and maintaining it, to help gain better Cardiovascular fitness as well as burning lots of calories.

For videos and examples of my sessions, check out my instagram here:



Monthly Membership
Unlimited access to 1 month of zoom classes and recordings.
Work out from your home, gym or office!
Single session
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Work out from your home, gym or office!

What my clients say:

Excellent for body & mind. Gives structure to the day and the week.

Zach can bring the outside world into your home! Great motivator and training coach. He’s built a fitness community with his positive vibes and messages sent out between training sessions. A coach for your body, mind & soul!

Matt / Zoom With Zach

Zach is one of the most motivational and encouraging coaches I’ve had, he teaches for all levels and despite not being in the room he’s watching everyones technique and enjoyment levels! He’s a highlight of the day during this time and his energy and enthusiasm is second to none. Anyone can do Zoom with Zach and although we can’t see each other, we’re a team training together.

Liv / Zoom With Zach

Thanks Zach for all your amazing effort keeping us trained, motivated and entertained during this time. I would 100% recommend Zoom with Zach to anyone who needs some good motivation and push to get back into exercising as they used to but also, anyone who wants to start a great new routine.

Michele / Zoom With Zach