Hi my name is Zach and for the past 7 years i have strived to help people improve their physical health as well as mental wellbeing. I personally struggled with low self esteem and a lack of confidence around strength training which led me to have a negative experience with a personal trainer. This motivated me to become a personal trainer, educate myself and show others that training towards their goals may be challenging but can also be fun and supportive.

My main focus is to teach you how to move effectively for your individual needs and maximise the benefits of training. This will reduce your risk of injury whilst you improve strength & stability. My sessions cater for weight loss, rehab, strength & conditioning, sports specific fitness and cardio training.

I offer private PT sessions 1-1, online or as a small group. My group training is also available for corporate events and companies. I do sessions from my private garden facility located between Clapham and Wandsworth and also have clients that I train from their home.

To arrange a free phone or zoom consultation drop me an email so i can get to know your needs in more depth. 

4 Sessions
4 x 1 Hour Session
Save £80!
Weekly Session
Single session
1 Hour Session
2 Hours for £130
Joint Session
1 Hour Session
Train with a friend
Only £40 Each
Online Training
1 Hour Session
PT over Zoom
Train from home or the office
Introductory session
Assessment and intro session to begin your journey
Perfect for beginners
1 session limit

What my clients say:

Why do you train with Zach?

Zach is an amazing motivator and very knowledgeable trainer who knows how to get you where you want to be with your physical and mental health through training in order to reach your goals

How does training make you feel in comparison to before you started training with Zach?

I feel more positive going into a workout. Zach has a friendly personality and is incredibly supportive and pushes you to your own limits.

Why do you train with Zach?

Because he makes me feel safe whilst lifting heavy weights. His knowledge of the body is incredible. He has such a friendly, inviting vibe.

Do you have any feedback for the way you train with Zach?

I dont know how he does it, but he is just so great with people. He is so knowledgeable, genuine, and really does care about his clients. When training me, he makes it 100% specific to my wants and needs which is what a PT should do.

Letesha / client
What have you achieved since training with Zach?

Lost weight, confidence in trying something different as a side managed to run 15km and consistently running now.

How does training make you feel in comparison to before you started training with Zach?

Enjoy the sessions and given me a different view of training. I used to think it was just all about lifting weights and wondered why nothing changed.

Steve / client